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Craft Robo/Silhouette Hints & Tips

There are many problems that you may encounter whilst using your Craft Robo/Silhouette. We have listed some of the solutions below, but please contact us if we haven't covered your problem and we can help you.

Silhouette Studio versions

Our general advice is NOT to rush into new updates as soon as they become available. There have been several problem versions so far, so let someone else get the design problems resolved. The Silhouette US site does usually have a LEGACY version available as well as the latest version and so if you are having any problems with the latest version then you can go back to the LEGACY version which will have had much more testing by users.

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Problems with double cut

On some templates clicking the double cut option turns some of the perforated (fold) lines into solid cut lines. It only happens to some perforated lines and it is impossible to predict where it will happen and in which templates. There is a work round solution. Cut the template once and at the end of the cut you will be prompted with the cut again option. Cut again this way and the perforated lines remain as perforated lines

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Repairing your carrier sheet

We have used the same cutting mats for hundreds of cuts and they are still useable. 1st of all, don't throw them away when the stickiness goes. Just clean the sheet and re apply a temporary spray adhesive. We use Crafters companion STICK & SPRAY temporary repositional adhesive. It works really well. We buy it directly from Crafters Companion themselves. We spray the cutting mats every 2 or 3 uses, but spray lightly and don't spray up to the edges as it gets onto the feed rollers of your cutting machine. We use another Crafters companion product to clean the cutting mats. It is Crafters Conpanion STICK AWAY adhesive cleaning agent. We spray the STICK AWAY onto the cutting mat and then scrape the sticky goo from the cutting mat with an old Stanley knife blade (be careful) and then a baby wipe to finish the job. Read the instructions of use before using these products.

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Our recommendations for card suppliers

Cardstock choice is one of the skills you will acquire with experience and some failures on the way.
First of all using gold and silver mirror card. We have had limited success with the standard type of gold and silver mirri card. The mirror laminated surface can seperate and tear, leaving a white undercard showing round the edges. We usually have to clean it up with a cutting knife by hand. Audrey prefers the foil card that you can buy from Create and Craft (Craft club membership gets you a discout of 10%). They do also have A4 Gold and Silver Linen Card. (We have used it on the CD39 in the photos). That cuts really well too.
We also use 240gsm card from Papermilldirect. It cuts really well on a Silhouette but a Craft Robo may struggle a bit with it. We have just started using cards from Quickdraw supplies. They are on Ebay or you can go directly to their Quickdraw supplies shop where their prices are a little cheaper. Their choice of colour is brilliant and they sell in colour batches of 25. Their card is 225gsm and cuts really cleanly. We have had some lighter weight card from Ebay. We have had mixed success. We got a really good 160gsm white card for our popup inserts. When we went back to order (in a much bigger quantity) it was absolute rubbish. Either they changed their supplier, or it could just have been from a different batch. We use a lot of 200gsm Xerox premier TCF white card which is very good and totally consistent. Be careful when you buy cardstock. Sellers can specify a card weight, but then substitute a thicker card weight. As you know the thicker card is much more expensive, so ordinarily they would be doing you a great favour. Unfortunately the card weight is critical when using a Robo. A Although your Silhouette can cut up to 350gsm, we wouldn't recommend you use to the limit. The thinnist we use is the super smooth decoupage paper (from Creat & which is 110gsm and cuts and prints brilliantly and then 160gsm for our popups and some sliceforms. and then we stick to 200 to 220gsm for all the rest. At those weights you will be able to just cut once with success. When you go above 220gsm, it may need 2 cuts. We hope this helps a little.

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Envelope sizes

Remember that if you buy an envelope for your 5"x7" card, you will need a 5 1/4" x 7 1/4" (130mm x 180mm) envelope. Same applies for an A6 card. You will need a C6 encelope, which is larger than an A6 card.

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Special notice for Robomaster users

If you have a Windows PC and it is running Windows Vista or later and your Windows PC is set to install new Microsoft updates automatically, then you may, by now, have found that these templates may no longer work in Robomaster. The same applies if you have installed these Windows updates manually. Robomaster is no longer a current software program and so is unsupported by GRAPHTEC, who designed the program. If this is the case then you will now have no option but to download Silhouette Studio from either Graphtec GB or Silhouette USA and use these GSD format templates in that program. They do work perfectly in Silhouette Studio which supercedes Robomaster. We have contacted Silhouette USA on several occasions to ask if we can convert our templates into the STUDIO file format, but sadly this format is copyright by them and they will not currently allow us to use it.

We thank you for visiting to our website and wish you happy crafting.